Our Mission

NH Firearms addresses the needs of professional or recreational shooters while serving the needs of various government entities. NH Firearms provides high-quality weapons that specialize in user-friendly, reliable, and accurate characteristics. It is the mission of NH Firearms to produce world class rifles that are unmatched in excellence.

Our Vision

It is the vision of NH Firearms to become an established weapons manufacturer and dealer focused on the production of quality user-friendly firearms utilized by professional users. NH Firearms strives to place quality over quantity in a market environment that appreciates the value of reliable weapons.

About NH Firearms LLC

     NH Firearms, a weapons manufacturing company that strives for the production of user-friendly, quality firearms, will be organized as a limited liability company. NH Firearms will possess assets that include a multitude of weapons-grade production machinery and human capital. NH Firearms aims to manufacture high-quality rifles for professional users.

     NH Firearms employs a growth-oriented business model. Research and Development has been completed on the flagship rifle, the AJ-01, providing a ready-to-produce, quality product. The cost structure of this company is primarily dominated by fixed costs that include depreciation on machinery, salaries for two employees, production site rent and utilities, interest expense, and insurance. Variable costs include raw material costs, production supplies, and marketing expenses.

Meet the Team

We have an team of varied experience and skills serving our nation's military and protection services, yet our cohesion is second to none with our tight-knit group.

Mike Photo 001

Micheal White

Development, Marketing & Co-owner

Micheal has an extensive background in law enforcement previously serving as a deputy and as a correctional officer within a maximum security prison. He also has spent nearly twenty years within the United States Armed Forces serving in both the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army. He served as an infantryman and artilleryman.

He became very familiar with the AR platform. In the United States Army he served as a team leader during four combat deployments. He went through armorer school and became familiar with the intricate mechanics of various weapon systems. He has over twenty years working with special weapons and tactics while also teaching rifle marksmanship.

Micheal continues to work with other professional tactical companies to hone his craft and provide consulting to various law enforcement agencies. Micheal has various degrees in social sciences and understands the psychological effects that ineffective gear has in the professional field. He has also seen the immediate impact ineffective gear can cause while in the field during training or live exercises.

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NH Firearms Staff

Mike Bombardieri 

Chief Operating Officer

Kris Koch

VP of Sales and Marketing

Philip Goldsberry

Webmaster & Social Media