Law Enforcement and Military Professionals, NH Firearms is dedicated to serving those who serve. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our customer’s needs. We understand the fiscal constraints that many civil service organizations struggle with which is why we are now working with departments to upgrade their existing service rifle system allowing them to do more with their limited budgets. Our expert armorers have worked with containment, entry, PSD’s, elite military forces and various other specialty teams and provide solutions for their CQB needs. Our team can custom fit your current AR lower into a new caliber, length or special purpose barrel design. Keeping your existing lower allows your shooters to keep the feel that they are comfortable with and remove the need for a change in serial numbers in inventory. Call today to discuss options with one of our weapons specialist who will be happy to provide you with information on any of our specialty designs and your upgrade options. For your convenience we also offer On-site weapons familiarization, maintenance and armorer services